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Llano River, Texas.

for my twenty seventh birthday i had plans of heading down to the us/mexico border by my lonesome for a little kayak overnighter. on my way to pick up the rental car for the trip i feel my phone buzz, "come out to llano tonight." after an internal back and forth, and another text reading "del rio will always be there, we won't always be in llano." i decided it would be better to spend my birthday with good friends rather than by myself. 

this new year was started with a lot of laughs under a bright full moon and a sunrise swim in the llano river. i'm extremely thankful i decided against the solo trip, as i couldn't have asked for a better time with a better group of folks.

i've always thought of myself as a person who liked solitude, and after the divorce i had grand visions of solo road trips and camping under the stars alone. i do still long for that feeling, but as i continue to grow i find that sharing my time with old and new friends helps me better experience the places i go and the things i do.

"happiness is only real when shared." christopher mccandless


Developed - Colorado, Texas & Oklahoma

shot on : ilford xp2 iso 400

a culmination of the past two months, this roll took me way too long to shoot.


Mens Ramble On T-Shirt

ramble on! white print, designed by joshua minnich, on a vintage red next level apparel tri-blend tee. printed right here in austin, texas by ramona press. $21 (free shipping, usa only).



Great Sand Dunes National Park & Misc. CO

last saturday night i say to my friend ryan (@brotherstories) 
"we should go on a trip next weekend."
"yea we should, where do you want to go?"
"i don't care lets just drive as far as we can."
"want to go to colorado?"
"hell yes"
and that was it, we had no plan on where we wanted to go or what we wanted to see. we had a day that we had to be back by, but we ended up blowing that off anyways. we just loaded up the car and drove.

a whirlwind trip, four days, two thousand miles, new friends and familiar faces, a night atop a glacier under the stars, beer, whiskey and good tunes. i've never had a vacation like the one i had this past weekend. we crammed a weeks worth of fun into three days, all while running on a few hours of sleep a night.  

we saw some amazing sights, the great sand dunes, red rocks amphitheater, st. marys glacier, chautauqua park and the beautiful cities of denver and boulder. but what made the trip were the people we met and shared our days and nights with. stories from the heart about love and life, to ridiculous arguments about trash bag ponchos, they all made for the most memorable weekend.

on the long drive home i turned to my friend and asked him if he ever felt like everything in life was just perfect, like you're almost searching for something to go wrong or be worried about because everything just feels right. i've felt this before, although it's been a while. a little over a year ago when i was finally getting better after a very serious illness i wrote this, "i have always been what you would call a glass half full kind of person, now that glass is always full and i couldn't ask for anything else. life is good, life is fun, life is easy." i feel that again and i couldn't help but sit in the passengers seat and shake my head in disbelief, everything in my life just seems to be in a perfect balance. 


Season of Change

it's been an interesting few weeks to say the least, a season of change if you will. i've been stuck in austin for a month straight, a rare occurrence and something that hasn't happened the last two years of my life. heavy, june started out with a million things weighing on my mind and heart but the last few weeks leading up to july have opened my eyes. i find myself anxious in the best way possible, not with fear but with excitement. like a kid on christmas eve knowing he has to go to sleep before being able to tear in to those presents, but laying there wide awake filled with the dreams of that brand new remote controlled car. good things and good people have been coming into my life at an almost alarming rate. i find my heart racing and a big grin randomly appearing throughout the day, a product of my enthusiasm for what the future holds. 

i've undoubtedly been slacking on the updates here on the blog, but things behind the scenes are picking up, and i have some good things planned in terms of travel for july and august. thanks again y'all for bearing with me. 


Field Trip - Inks Lake


Developed - Town Lake

shot on : fuji superia 800




Mustang Island State Park, Texas.

good friends and decent waves.


Oklahoma - Kansas

with everything going on in my life as of late when a friend offered a seat in her car for a quick weekend trip up to kansas to pick up her new pup i jumped at the chance. 

twenty two hours of driving, two nights in a tent and a new puppy. what could have been a very solemn weekend turned out to be just what i needed to help me move forward. 


marriage can be tough, and sometimes things just don't work out. it has always been just the two of us for the past twelve years, but it looks like that will no longer be the case. i will keep this going by myself, the same ol' spirit will still be captured but with a shift of focus to traveling and enjoying life with friends, new and old. bear with me as i try to sort through all this. i mulled over just deleting this thing altogether, but i'd hate to lose touch with the amazing community of people this simple little blog has put me in the midst of. to all those who have supported me and sent inspiring messages over the past year of this project, i thank you. keep on keepin' on. jeremy.